About the merger

In 2015, The Department for Education began a restructure of the post-16 education and training sector through a national Area-Based process. The Government stated that each review shall ‘establish the appropriate set of institutions to offer high quality provision based on the current and future needs of learners and employers within the local area’. This will result in ‘fewer, larger, more resilient and efficient colleges’ with greater collaboration and financial stability.


Significantly improve the learning opportunities for all students, giving equal access to the best of each college and resulting in excellence to meet local, community and business needs. It will provide greater access to further education, higher education and apprenticeships across the region.


To achieve greater value for money through centralised services, attracting the very best professionally experienced teachers and delivering the highest skills to businesses throughout South Hampshire.


To create the largest college of technical and professional education in
South Hampshire and provide high quality learning opportunities for around 28,000 students every year.

Our shared vision

The Boards of Eastleigh College and Southampton City College have responded to this exceptional opportunity and believe the two colleges merging will create one powerhouse force delivering to the region outstanding technical and professional education. Courses will be delivered in industry-standard facilities and taught by industry-expert professional staff.

Merger Timeline


Enhanced training, specialisms, apprenticeships and higher education will be provided throughout South Hampshire to businesses, delivering vital skills training to enable them to compete globally.

Current partners include:


As part of the merger process a consultation is taking place with all stakeholders. This will be open until 19 December 2018.

If you would like to share your views please click the link below.

College locations

Our campuses are well located to serve the needs of our communities.


What is the timeframe for the merger?

We are going into a consultation period until 19th December and, during that time, we will be inviting comment on the merger from all interested parties. The Governors are planning to achieve a merger by mid-March 2019.

When will we know if the merger is definitely happening?

Currently a public consultation on the merger is underway, which will inform our planning for the merger. The website will be kept up to date with any changes.

How can we ensure everyone knows what is happening throughout the merger?

We have a communications strategy managed by the Principals of the two colleges. This includes a specific website sitting in between our two college websites giving-up-to-date information. We will also communicate directly with our major stakeholders.

I am applying for a course which starts in September 2019, which college should I apply to?

You should consider the courses on offer at both colleges and visit during an open event to help you make your choice. Then, apply in the usual way to the college that has the course you want to do. The merger of the two colleges will not make any change to the courses on offer for September 2019. We will update both college websites to help ensure everyone has the information they need.

Are the courses at Eastleigh College different from City College?

The course offer is very similar. However, each college has specialisms which are made clear in our prospectuses and on our websites. City College’s specialisms include marine and maritime, linked to the Solent’s strong marine sector, and creative subjects connected to the Cultural Quarter in Southampton. Eastleigh has specialisms in industry-specific qualifications and delivers apprenticeships to national employers, as well as regionally.